Commercial Products

Manufactured in our onsite precast factory, components including beams and panels, pre-stressed beams and panels, flooring systems including Rib and Infill, and Unispan.

Rib and Infill Flooring

The Rib and Infill system has been used in residential and commercial projects for many years. This system offers an economical alternative to timber floors.

Unispan Flooring

Incorporated into buildings where large span and fast erection is required, it is ideal for use in commercial and residential builds.

Tilt Panels

Ideal in a diverse range of applications:

  • Commercial/Industrial Construction - warehouses, automotive workshops, storage units, offices etc
  • Residential Construction - houses, 2-3 storey flats, town houses.
  • Rural Construction - farm sheds, piggeries, dairies, drainage systems, grain storage bunkers, effluent systems etc

Bespoke Projects

APS Concrete manufactures and manages one-off, specialist projects that require unique design.

Recent projects that we have been involved with:

  • Westburn Courts
  • Culverden/Amuri Irrigation Scheme
  • Wanaka Pool