Rural Products

Concrete troughs, panels, bridges, effluent ponds … the list goes on! You name it, we build or manufacture it!

We can supply your farm with a range of pre-stress and pre-cast concrete needs or discuss making something to your specific requirements. Let us manage the whole job with a complete package, or buy direct and organise your own contractor.


A quick, safe and convenient form of stock movement control. Stock are less likely to be stressed and effluent on the road become a non-issue with authorities. Once installed the stock underpass is an economical solution to stock road crossings.

Concrete Effluent Structures

We are involved in the manufacturing of several types of effluent systems. Many of our clients are choosing concrete as their preferred choice as it is robust and longevity is a key factor.

Purpose-Built Precast Structures

We pride ourselves on any new or one-off projects. With our strong rural knowledge and precast abilities, we can help you to make your project happen with minimal headaches.

Bulk Storage Structures

Ideal for fertiliser or grain storage, our pre-cast bin panels can be made to your specific requirements. Available as both permanent and removable structures.

Pivot Irrigator Bridges

Secure your investment and buy our quality made and engineered pivot bridges.


Designed and certified for your farm requirements or road ways.  If you have a waterway on your property, then bridging will be a necessity.

Concrete Stock Stop

For private driveways or public roads. These stops come with easy to follow installation guidelines, are hedgehog friendly and engineering to support vehicle loads equivalent to a class one rural bridge.

Available in two sizes:

  • 4.8 x 2.5
  • 3.420 x 2.5

Concrete Water Troughs

Available in varying sizes to suit all your requirements.

General Farm Products

  • Holding tanks
  • Strainer posts, stays and blocks
  • Dams, weirs, flat-end walls, wing walls
  • Offal pit lids
  • Sumps
  • Wheel stops
  • Concrete Pipes