Tough. Strong. Dependable.

For the past 25 years locally owned and operated Ashburton Pre-stress Concrete has seen first-hand the transformation Mid Canterbury has undergone. What was once deemed a flat, sleepy region between Christchurch and Timaru, is now celebrated as a thriving agricultural hub, and an exciting place to visit, live and do business.

As a founding member of Precast New Zealand Inc, owner Craig Sinclair and his team have earned a solid reputation for manufacturing tough, strong and dependable products. Their growing client base includes: universities, retirement villages, farming business large and small, commercial and industrial building companies, as well as bridge and underpass contracts.

Their existing product range is extensive, but their innovative and solution focus commitment allows for flexibility as clients continue to introduce new and exciting ideas and opportunities.

Ashburton Pre-stress Concrete stand behind their product guarantee of ‘tough, strong, dependable’. The icing on the cake is the strength of character behind that guarantee as Craig combines his 30 years of building and manufacturing expertise to deliver consistent quality - every time.

Proud founding members

Home-Grown History

Born and raised in Ashburton, Craig Sinclair has experienced first-hand the challenges and opportunities that come with doing business in this region. Along with his wife and three children, Craig is proud to call Mid Canterbury home and has been involved with school boards, sports coaching and financially supported local sports clubs and charities i.e., cancer society, sports complex etc throughout his business career.

Craig signed up for a building apprenticeship straight out of secondary school. In 1990 he and a partner started their own building company, a brave choice given the New Zealand economy was still in a significant slump following the 1987 stock market crash. Mid Canterbury was stagnant and the building industry faced a great many challenges that unfortunately saw some local companies go broke.

Within 12 months Craig and is partner purchased Ashburton Pre-stress Concrete (APS Concrete). At this stage the company consisted of some stressing beds, (an inter-span rib mold) and another that was pulled apart to be used for a different type of stressing work. Aside from some basic concrete molds for the rural sector, there was lots of scope for growth.

In 1995 Craig sold his share in the building company and purchased Ashburton Pre-stress Concrete outright. At the time the APS Concrete yard was located on the corner of South Street and Chalmers Ave, which was in part originally set-up by the Bob Burnett empire.

Craig credits diversification with their business success, and steady growth. Rather than rely on one specific sector, Ashburton Pre-stress Concrete strategically positioned themselves to capitalise on all manner of opportunities that presented themselves both here in Mid Canterbury, and behond.

In 2008 the company purchased land at their current location on the north east boundary of Ashburton. This investment allowed Craig to customise the yard for concrete manufacturing.

Ashburton Pre-Stress Concrete have been involved with many local residential and commercial jobs over the years, check out our photo gallery and see for yourself.

“I have a great team of employees who have the same vision I do. We have established long-term support locally from the rural sector and other businesses, and after 25 plus years, I still get a great deal of satisfaction dealing with clients direct.”

- Craig Sinclair, Founder